Boxing in God

How many of us right now are praying for something?

Anything … It could be about a relationship, a sick family member, a new promotion coming your way, starting a family ….. The list goes on!!!!

Prayer is easy all you have to do is use your words and simply ask God, the hard part is the Faith behind it.

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God wants us to come to Him and talk to Him and build a relationship with Him, but He also requires that we have FAITH in Him. Faith that He will answer our prayers, Faith that He will never give us more then we can handle, Faith that He is in control and he orders everyone of our steps.

Faith is quite literally the basis of being a Christian, we believe and have faith that God is real and alive in us. So why is it when we pray, and ask for an answer or guidance and God responds, we lack Faith in his decision? I mean this is GOD he knows how our life is going to turn out, He knows every hair on our heads and yet we lack Faith that his decision for us is the right one.

If you are like me you wait for a sign some type of confirmation that what God is telling you is real and true. Then you get a sign (God throws you a bone) and you are all excited, then all of a sudden you start doubting and questioning;

Image result for a sign from God

“Was that really a sign….?”

“Did I overthink it? ……. Was it just my mind playing tricks on me?” 

Before you know it you are asking God for another sign and then another sign and the vicious cycle continues. Until finally you miss your moment, you miss your call, you miss your step of Faith!!!

I recently listened to a message about David, and was amazed at how obedient David was to God’s call. He’d ask a question and God would simply say “YES” and David went, no questions, no signs asked for. He had Faith, no he had GREAT faith that God was in control.

David didn’t say to God:

“Give me another sign….”

“I will go if you do this…”

“Are you sure God? That’s not quite what I was asking.” 

David did not box in God. He gave God complete control over his life.

We all need to be more like David. If there is something you are praying about right now and God has given you the answer, and hey I get it sometimes that answer is not the one we wanted or not the easy answer, but obey God and have Faith that this answer is the best one.

Stop asking for signs and start asking for Faith!!! Because before you can start leading others you need to have FAITH that God can lead you. So lets be more like David today, lets lead a life that is guided by GREAT faith provided from our Father.

I am just going to leave you with this one statement:

“Your confirmation is in your obedience to God.”


One thought on “Boxing in God

  1. Such a great post!
    Love that last line too,
    “Your confirmation is in your obedience to God.”
    Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me personally.
    Blessings, Hayley 😊💕


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