TGIF ….. NOT, i’m a mom !!!!

Friday, the best day of the week. For most people the work week has concluded, no alarm clocks to set, no deadlines to meet. We put our stresses of the work week on the back burner to enjoy a relaxing, fun and peaceful weekend.


But for all you momma’s out there you know as well as I do our weekends no longer look quite the same. They generally consist of early morning wake up calls, trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning the house, trying to keep our kiddos entertained, making a to do list for the week ahead, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, grocery shopping and at this time of year holiday shopping and holiday baking. And somewhere in the midst of all that we try to find time to shower and actually look somewhat human.

My weekends sometimes are more stressful and more hectic then the rest of the week. I know its probably sad to say but I don’t always look forward to the weekends. Sunday’s, on the other hand is the day I countdown to every week.

Sunday’s are the day I get to do what I love and that’s leading worship and having “my time” with God. When I worship, its my way of having a conversation with God. Recently God hit me hard with a “Let’s get Real” truth. I heard Him clearly say to me

“Larissa, you worship me with such joy and love on Sunday’s. But where do you put me the rest of the week?”


I was so taken aback, and I didn’t have answer. But God was 100% right I worshiped him with my all on Sunday’s but the rest of the week I got lazy. I let the stresses of life become an excuse to not put God first, no matter what the day is.

In that moment I asked God to give me the strength and grace for everyday of the week, for every season of my life. And I promised to praise Him everyday no matter how exhausted, crabby or stressed I am. Grace abounds for those who seek it and I seek to be a mother full of grace and a wife full of grace and to have a ministry that is full of grace. But it only begins when I praise my Father who gives me that grace.



2 thoughts on “TGIF ….. NOT, i’m a mom !!!!

  1. This was so fun to read. I totally understand. I am a new mom and I have to ask God to give me strength to seek Him other than Sundays lol. God is good, I am so grateful and thankful for His Grace. God Bless you woman of God. God bless you richly and abundantly.


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